Monday, April 24, 2017

Gatsby Blog 8

Chapter 8:
This chapter describes the aftermath of the accident. Gatsby’s dream of being with Daisy and things working out for the two of them seems almost impossible at this point. Gatsby is faced with the realization that the dream is over when Daisy never returns to him or calls him. Gatsby tells nick about Daisy and his love story and Nick realizes why it is so hard for Gatsby to move on. Everything that Gatsby has, was built to please Daisy. His own american dream revolved around a girl, and the day myrtle died in the car crash, gatsby’s dream died too. The accident prevented Daisy and Gatsby to ever be together. The gardener is about to drain the pool and Gatsby tells him not to. The time by the pool for Gatsby is a time of reflection on his life and the meaning of it all. Wilson convinces himself that whoever was driving the car was having an affair with Myrtle he talks to Tom and tracks down Gatsby. Wilson shoots Gatsby and then himself leaving them both dead by the pool. Tom takes the advantage of Wilson's conspiracy and throws Gatsby under the bus, even when he knew the truth about the affair. Throughout the whole book things are assumed about Gatsby, nobody ever knows the whole truth about him, this time the assumptions killed him. Nick finds Gatsby floating in the pool and reflects on Gatsby’s life. When his dream died, he did too.

Gatsby Blog 7

The Great Gatsby Chapter 7
Why is there so much detail about the temperature of this setting. Is it hot because it is the underworld of the hero's journey? Why does tom allow Daisy to be around Gatsby when he knows he loves her? The car accident happens in the valley of ashes, why is this important? Why was Daisy driving? Why is Gatsby taking the blame? Why did Myrtle actually have to die? Why does this accident take such a large toll on the relationship between Gatsby and Daisy? Doesn’t Daisy realize how much Gatsby is willing to give up for her? How will this change the relationship between Gatsby and Daisy? Is Gatsby's dream now falling apart?

Gatsby Blog 6

Great Gatsby
Chapter 6:
Many rumors circulate about Gatsby and the life he seems to lead. Why is there so much mystery around his life? Why is it so important for Gatsby to build an image of himself that may not be true? Even with the truths in his life that he is not ashamed of he seems to keep them private. Nick describes the truths of Gatsby’s life. Why did Gatsby always think of himself on such high regards? He came from little, but always knew and believed he was made for something big. The life he wanted seemed out of reach, I think that he got lucky with the opportunities and was smart about taking them. Maybe not receiving the money left for him by Dan Cody was a motivator to make money of his own. Nick goes to Gatsby's house and is shocked when he sees Tom there having a drink. How was Gatsby feeling when this was happening? Was he feeling guilty for loving a married woman? Gatsby invited them to a party at his house and nobody was having fun. What did the tension between everyone feel like? Does Tom have a lot of suspicion of Gatsby and Daisy's love? Gatsby’s american dream is coming together piece by piece. What will happen when the dream is over?

Gatsby Blog 5

The Great Gatsby
Chapter 5:
Nick comes home to find Gatsby in a very strange mood with his house all lit up behind him. Gatsby wants Nick to invite Daisy over for tea and meet with him. Gatsby has built his whole life up around the idea of one day living his life with Daisy, this is the first step to fulfilling this purpose. To repay Nick Gatsby offered him a job. Why is Nick so offended by gatsby’s offer? Gatsby seems as if he is living in a dream world and doesn't pay attention to anything Nick is saying. It rains on the day that they are supposed to meet. Maybe this is a sign that their relationship will not be perfect? Gatsby was hoping this would be the best meeting of his life. Daisy arrives and Gatsby runs and hides. Nick says that Gatsby is acting childish around Daisy by leaving her all alone when she arrives. Gatsby and Daisy hit it off again and are mesmerized by each other's presence. The rain stops when things become less hectic. Gatsby invites Nick and daisy back to his house and shows off for Daisy. Gatsby realizes that everything that he has does not compare to Daisy. Is the Daisy that Gatsby remembers the same as the real Gatsby? Will he be happy with the real person instead of a romanticized version? Nick leaves the two alone to catch up more.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Gatsby Blog 4

Chapter 4:
Why does every chapter have gossip about Gatsby in it? How come Nick always describes the people of the parties like he is just observing them? He is never really a part of it all. Why does Gatsby want to know what Nick thinks of him? Is Gatsby trying to find a friend in Nick? Or is he looking to find another person to admire him? Is Gatsby purposefully flaunting his wealth? Is Gatsby making up his past? What is he trying to hide? Why does he need to make up stories? Why is he carrying the medals and pictures with him? Is it to make his life seem more believable? Gatsby speeds up through the Valley of Ashes, does he not like it down there? What was the white card that Gatsby showed the policeman? Why is he above everyone, even the law? Are the police afraid of him? Why do they apologize for doing their job? What makes Nick think that Gatsby's money is not "good"? Why does Gatsby invite Nick to this lunch? It always seems like Gatsby is trying to prove himself to people. Why hasn't Gatsby tried to see Daisy before? Does Daisy know that he still loves her? Why did Jordan tell that secret news to Nick? Is Gatsby doing all these things to will Daisy over? Maybe Gatsby isn't drinking at his parties because he wants to be aware if Daisy ever shows up? Are the parties for her? When will they see each other? Why are all of these first chapters so centered around the mystery of Gatsby? Will we ever find out the truths about him?

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Gatsby Blog 3

Chapter 3:
Do people ever get invited to Gatsby's parties? How did they all start? How many of the people at his parties actually know him? Why do the rumors about him keep spreading? How is it important that Nick was invited personally by Gatsby? Does Gatsby have any close friends? How did all the secrets and mystery around him start? Do you think that he likes the attention that he gets from being a mystery? Why is Nick so concerned about finding Gatsby? Who is the Owl Man? What is his role in the chapter? Why is it important that he has glasses? This is the second chapter that has had some focus on eye sight and glasses. Why are the books in the library unread? Does Gatsby have things in his house just to build an image of himself? (like the books). How come Gatsby thought that Nick would know him? Why is it important that they served in the same division in war? What are the similarities between Jay and Nick? Why does Jay have these parties and not participate? Why does he  like to stay alone? Why doesn't he drink? Why is it important that Nick saw Owl Eyes again? What news did Gatsby tell Jordan? How long has Nick lived in that house now? Why does Nick see Jordan even when he knows that she is a dishonest person? Why does the chapter end on Nicks everyday life and not on topics of Gatsby?

Gatsby Blog 2

Chapter 2:
Why does the book start off in such a well to do place and then jump right into this darker side of the island? Why does this chapter partly take place in the Valley of Ashes? Why is it important that there are eyes watching over everything in the valley? Does George know that Myrtle and Tom are having an affair? Isn't it a little strange that Tom takes Nick to see his mistress even though they don't know each other very well? Why is it important that Nick isn't a big drinker or partier? How is that going to translate into the story when he lives next to a huge party destination? How come everyone described in the book has a peculiarity about them? How come everyone knows things about Gatsby? How do these rumors start about him? Does he not ever share the truth about his life to anyone? Im wondering why everyone knows about the affair Tom is having, yet they seem to overlook it. Why would Tom by Myrtle a puppy? Is that a sign of commitment to her? Nick never asked to be a part of the party or events of that night, so why did he stick around so long?